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Andrii Hedzyk
First vice-rector, professor
Academic degree:
Academic rank:
Doctor of pedagogical sciences
(04744) 4-02-14
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Andriy M. Hedzyk is Vice-rector of Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University, Doctor of Sciences in Pedagogics, Professor.

Was born on December 7, 1973 in Chepeliyivka village Belotserkivskyi district, Kyiv region.

In 1993 he graduated from Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi Pedagogical College named after Taras Shevchenko and received qualification of teacher of labour training and drawing.

In 1998 Andriy Hedzyk graduated from Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical Institute and was qualified as a teacher of labour training, principles of entrepreneurship and physics.

He began his career in 1997 as a laboratory assistant of General Technical Subjects Chair of Pavlo Tychyna  Uman State Pedagogical Institute.

Between 2003 and 2006 he was post-graduate student of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.

From December 2006 Andriy Hedzyk is Ph.G. in Pedagogics.  

From December 2011he is Doctor of Sciences in Pedagogics.

The research activity is connected with the problems of improving the graphic preparation of future teachers of technology and lecturers of vocational and technical educational institutions.

Andriy Hedzyk is the author of over 90 publications, including the books "Labour Training" for secondary school pupils, the program of the course "Drawing" for students of secondary schools, training manuals, guidelines, articles in scientific journals.