Professor Azizov Taliat Nuredinovich, Head of the Department of Technical and Technological Disciplines, Occupational Health and Safety, has successfully completed a research internship, which took place from 26.02.2024 to 29.03.2024 at the Cracow University of Technology (Krakow, Poland).

Over this period, Professor Azizov T.N. lectured course on theoretical mechanics and general construction for students of civil engineering specialities in the amount of 60 academic hours.

The scientific part of his visit included four lectures for the teaching staff and postgraduate students of the Department of Structural Mechanics and Materials Mechanics at the Cracow University of Technology:

1. Effect of torsion in the calculation of cross-rod systems and solid plates. Problems of determination of transverse forces in thin plates.

2. Practical methods for taking into account the impact of air shock waves on buildings and structures.

3. Experimental studies of reinforced concrete structures.

4. Stiffness of reinforced concrete elements with torsional cracks.

Active cooperation with world scientists, learning leading scientific experience, and successful research activities are an important component in strengthening the academic relations of our university with international partners.

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