From May 29 to June 4, 2023, the teachers of Uman State Pedagogical University named after Pavel Tychyna, head of the Department of Informatics and ICT, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Maria Medvedyeva and Professor of the same Department Halyna Tkachuk, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor participated in the academic mobility program Erasmus+ Staff mobility for Teaching and Training at the Ippolit Tsegelski Academy of Applied Sciences in Gniezno (Republic of Poland).

According to the program, scientific and pedagogical workers of the university conducted a series of classes in the field of information and communication technologies. The classes were attended by 1st-3rd year students majoring in "Informatics" at the Ippolit Tsegelski Academy of Applied Sciences in Gniezno (Republic of Poland).

Halyna Tkachuk held lectures in the field of web development and web design, characterized the main stages of creating web applications, features of Front-End and Back-End development. Maria Medvedyeva conducted classes in the field of cloud and mobile technologies, as well as their use in time management, educational communication, and in the study of IT disciplines.

After the classes, students had the opportunity to test their knowledge using interactive exercises in the Kahoot! application. The classes were interesting, rich and informative for the students.

Part of the lectures was also an introduction to the education system in Ukraine, a presentation of the Uman State Pedagogical University and a story about the current situation in Ukraine caused by the war.

During the academic mobility, the teachers had the opportunity to get to know the representatives of the academy: the vice-rector for organization, development and cooperation, doctor of habilitation, professor Janusz Wyshnewski, director of the Institute of Technical Sciences, doctor, professor Lukasz Yuzefowski, coordinator of the Erasmus+ program Aleksandra Yankoviak-Bernachek, employee of the Erasmus+ office Agnieszka Fedechko-Ignasiak.

During the meeting, the course of further cooperation and the implementation of future projects were discussed, there was an exchange of experience in the field of higher education of both countries, training of specialists and peculiarities of the organization of the educational process.

During the informal meetings, the teachers got acquainted with the sights of the city of Gniezno, the history of the city's founding, the main historical figures who influenced the formation of Polish culture and statehood. The teachers also learned about the main stages of the establishment and development of the Academy of Applied Sciences named after Ippolit Tsegeglskyi, the specialties and educational programs of the institution, and the activities of the academy in general.

During their stay at the academy, the teachers noted the high level of the material and technical base, classrooms, and their equipment, which contribute to the high-quality training of IT specialists.

The teachers had the opportunity to meet with the students of Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University, who are studying under the academic mobility programs at the Ipolit Tsegeglskyi Academy of Applied Sciences. Students talked about studying at the academy, their impressions, opportunities and prospects in the future profession. Each of them wants to return to Ukraine and develop its potential, work for the good of society and be useful to the state. In general, students are satisfied with learning at the academy, the quality of teaching and the positive attitude.

Thank you to all participants of academic mobility within the EU Erasmus+ program. We are convinced that the experience gained will contribute to the improvement of the quality of teaching activities. We thank our Polish partners for cooperation, as well as a warm and friendly welcome.

We would like to thank the administration of the Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University, the employees of the international department, the Polish Cultural and Educational Center, and especially the native faculty of physics, mathematics and informatics for the opportunity to develop competences in the IT field, language competences, communication skills in a multicultural environment and, in general, to get a new and interesting experience.

Пресцентр УДПУ