1. For settling in the dormitory foreign students (including Preparatory Department students) must:
  • personally present passport and hand over written direction (order) for settling and present proof of payment for the accommodation to the student's town manager;
  • to become acquainted with "Inner-Dormitory Regulation", "Safety Regulations" and "Fire Safety" and confirm it with a sign;
  • get dormitory entrance pass, housing place, necessary equipment and bedclothes.
  1. Students (including Preparatory Department students) who live in the dormitory are eligible to:
  • have a permanent place in the room for the period of study;
  • use cultural and sport premises, lockers, dormitory equipment, appliances and other property;
  • elect dormitory council and be elected to its membership;
  • participate in addressing issues related to improving living conditions, organization of cultural and educational work and leisure;
  • contact management with complaints about the dormitory staff work and living conditions that do not meet the relevant criteria.
  1. Student (including Preparatory Department students) who live in the dormitory are obliged to:
  • know and follow the inner-dormitory regulations;
  • carry out the decisions and instructions of University and dormitory administration and Dormitory Student Council;
  • pay for additional paid services by personally compiled agreements in time;
  • to follow sanitary-and-hygienic norms and change linen once in ten days.
  • maintain cleanliness and order in their rooms and common areas;
  • regard dormitory property with care, spend heat, electricity, gas and water economically;
  • meet guests (visitors) and accompany them to the exit personally;
  • compensate all material losses inflicted by a student or his guests; 
  • provide student's town manager with room key duplicate, in case of replacement of the door lock, hand over the corresponding key duplicate to the security guard on duty or to the student's town manager;
  • apply for repair of electrical, plumbing equipment and furniture in time;
  • compensate caused material damage in accordance with current legislation;
  • follow strictly fire safety rules when using electric, gas and other devices and equipment;
  • register additional electric devices at the dormitory manager's office;
  • display respect and understanding towards students who may be representatives of different nations, culture and profess different religions;
  • durante absentia in the dormitory for more than 3 days inform dormitory manager and inform about the address of residence;
  • pass all property and room that was in the student's use in a proper condition after graduation or early withdrawal, sign off the dormitory in three days;
  1. Students (including Preparatory Department students) who live in the dormitory should know:
  • free entering and going out till 22.00. To enter and leave the hostel from 22.00 till 6.00 there must be special written permission and a record in the security guard's journal;
  • visitors (guests) have the right to stay in the hostel from 8.00 till 22.00. Coming to the hostel, the visitor (guest) presents the passport or other document that identifies the person. Visitor's surname, name and number of the document must be recorded in the security guard's journal. Foreign students who invited visitors (guests) accept responsibility for visitor's abidance with internal regulations and safety;
  • under the condition of force majeure (fire, flooding, elimination of the consequences of damage, etc.), student's town manager with a dormitory or University worker, have the right to penetrate into the room without the presence of the resident, in this case a bill of penetration into the room is noted fixing the overall room condition;
  • student's town manager, orderly, foreign students department stuff has the right to check the condition of rooms in the presence of students.
  1. Students (including Preparatory Department students) who live in the dormitory are prohibited:
  • move from one room to another without the student's town manager's permission;
  • to make over or move equipment and furniture from one room to another or take it out of the hostel;
  • carry out electrical work in the dormitory rooms, remodel or repair electrical equipment;
  • to heap up balconies, fire escape, corridors, stairwells and emergency exits with household items and other things; 
  • to carry out public events in the dormitory without the written permission of the head of the foreign students department;
  • to make a noise, to switch on the television or acoustic equipment loudly;
  • to smoke, use and store alcoholic beverages, drugs or toxic substances, to be drunk or to be in any condition of toxic or drugs inebriation at the dormitory; to store any kinds of weapon;
  • hold animals at dormitory.
  1. For violation of Inner-Dormitory Regulations the following punishments are awarded to foreign students (including Preparatory Department students):
  • warning;
  • severe reprimand;
  • breaking off contract on education and deportation;

Parents will be informed of all violations of a student (including Preparatory Department students).

  1. Accommodation and services Payment shall be made for the year ahead.
  2. Students (including Preparatory Department students) must be acknowledged with Inner-Dormitory Regulations for foreign students residing in the dormitory of Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University against receipt.


The cost of living in a dormitory for foreign students in 2019-2020 is 680 UAH per month